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See Exactly What a Teacher Uses to Teach Her Own Children for Homeschooling

Would you ever consider creating a custom curriculum for your child even you had a great formula to follow?

I have been thinking about everyone searching for that “just right” curriculum.  It seems we homeschoolers often keep looking for that perfect option for our family.

Can anyone relate?

In my classroom days, I collect a variety of ways to teach each state standard so that I would be prepared to meet each child’s needs. I found specific strategies and tools that worked exceptionally well. This provided valuable experience and teaching methods that truly work!

As I promised, here are the titles and links to what I am using in our custom homeschooling:


The Complete Phonemic Awareness Handbook by Anthony D. Fredericks has short activities that parents can do with their child from ages 3 and up. Phonemic Awareness involves no printed letters, but rather focuses on using letter sounds in various activities. Note: This book is much more than single letter sounds, so it is worth considering. I used this book with children reading PreK through Grade 2.

Reading Strategies that Work  – This book by Jo Fitzpatrick has lessons that teaches kids EIGHT things to do when they don’t know a word. It is out of print, so grab it if you can. Hands down, one of my favorite resources to teach reading.  These work with ANY books.

Ready-to-Use Independent Reading Kit by Beverley Jones – In 10 levels of difficulty, your child will practice skills in the areas of reading, writing, phonic skills, and art. The amazing thing is that your child will use their favorite books to do these activities (that means they will stay interested longer). Again, these activities work with any fiction book! Cool, right?

Reading with Meaning – by Debbie Miller – While this book was written for school teachers, the author explains how to adjust the discussion you have with your child as you read together. It changed how I taught reading forever. It is more advanced and has some teacher talk in here, but I think it is pure gold.


Mathematics Their Way – This has been around a while, but it is high quality complete math curriculum from the 1970s. They are $0.41 on Amazon (plus $3.99) shipping. You can easily use it for 1-2 years with kids in PreK-K. I would also recommend it for kids who are in Grade 1 and struggle with math. Here is the link (but don’t laugh too much at the groovy kids on the cover):

Daily Math Practice (various grade levels) by Evan-Moor Publishers – This is one resource that we use 5 days a week. My kids learn and review a wide range of math skills in fun stories (often about animals). Who knew one little story problem would be so powerful? 🙂 Oh, and there is an e-book version on Evan-Moor.com as well.

Building Math Fluency (various grade levels)  by Evan-Moor Publishers – If you are looking to teach your student several strategies to solve math problems, this book is your solution. I did not cover this in the video because I have the ebook version, but it really worth every penny.

Instant Math Centers (grades K-1) and (grades 2-3)These books are filled with fun activities that your child will enjoy using a wide range of math skills. Bonus: the activities are written in kid-language, so you literally gather materials, open the book, and let them have a go.

Hands-on Thinking Centers by Evan-Moor Publishers – Again, another fabulous Evan-Moor publication. These activities invite your child to really think and use skills in new and fun ways. We rotate these in our schedule every 2 weeks.


My Big Science Book – We have been working our way through this experiments for a year, and my kids are begging for more of them each week. Please note: this book is a hardcover spiral bound, and is out of print. At the time this post was written, it is available on Amazon for $0.01 + $3.99 shipping. Someone better grab that deal! 🙂

Art Activity Packs – Some of these are out of print, but each of these artists are represented in ways kids can relate.  We aim to do 1 at least every 2 months.


5 Minute Devotion Series by Pamela Kennedy – These books are fun, short lessons about various character traits.  The books that use animals’ unique abilities are favorites at our house.

What Skills to Teach:

The FREE List of WHAT to teach at each grade level (I use this as a guide, not a “carved in stone” plan)
TEKS (Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills) – scroll down to find the list by grade level

I know that is a long list, but it can create YEARS of quality custom curriculum for grades PreK-2.

What do you think? Would you consider creating a custom curriculum? Let me know in the comments section!

I look forward to hearing from you,

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