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WELCOME! You are in the right place to thrive in your homeschooling! Through my site, I share resources that I personally use and recommend. (and y’all know I am super picky, right?). These posts may contain my affiliate links which support and my love of chocolate at no extra cost to you. 🙂

Have you considered if you are set up for homeschool success or struggle?

I want you to start the new homeschool year with focus and success!


It is so important to know about Choosing the Right Curriculum for YOUR family.  The reason there are so many great options is because there are many right ways to homeschool. You just have to find what is right for YOUR family, right?

Today, I want to focus on how to set up for success in your homeschool year. I have some great tips to avoid struggle, as well as, a FREE planning printable for you.

When I started homeschooling, I made some big mistakes that set us up to struggle. I am sharing them with you because I hope you can avoid them.

What are those mistakes that set homeschoolers up for struggle?
1. Trying to make homeschooling too much like a school classroom.
When I started homeschooling, I tried to replicate a traditional school classroom.  We had a schedule like this:
Reading from 9:00-9:30
Word Work from 9:45-10:00
Snack from 10-10:15, and
Math from 10:30-11:15

It wasn’t until I had 2 more younger children in the mix that I starting using smarter strategies to combine skills within one activity and working to customize our curriculum for each child’s gifts. I teach about that in my Teaching to Your Child’s Gifts e-course, btw.


2. Teaching the way we were taught.
We often teach the way we were taught. So naturally, we are going to structure our teaching and curriculum choices the way we learned.

However, if I offered a brand-new car that was built the way car were built 30 years ago, would you want it? It has an awesome cassette player! LOL

Our world has drastically changed since we were in school, and the world in which our kids will be adults will be even more different. We need to teach them to thrive in this quickly changing world.


When we started using my Unit Study Formula to weave our skills under topics my kids wanted to study, it changed what our homeschooling looked like (and reduced my expenses and stress, too)!

3. Trying to do too much in one week.
I don’t know any moms who wouldn’t take more time if they had the chance – even if it was just extra time to sleep!  🙂 Yet, it is so easy to run out of time and not do the things that we say are important to us.

Yet, what are your real priorities for homeschooling?

Is it to finish the curriculum you bought so you feel a sense of completion? Or is your priority to help your child get school “done,” so they can have screen time? (Don’t get me wrong, there are some days like that!)

By truly taking a moment to really make sure your priority get the majority of your time and attention, you are setting yourself up for success instead of struggle.


For us, I focused my teaching time on the exact skills my children needed each week. Then, I used my Workboxes Work Wonders system to “fit-in” all of those things that I wanted to do (I Spy, Brain Quest, educational app) or they needed to review (Games or activities we had used in a lesson or I had purchased)

Setting up for Success isn’t about having a perfect homeschool space, curriculum, or schedule. Yes, I do a tidy homeschool space, but that is not WHY I am homeschooling. While being organized can save you time and stress in the long run, your real priorities of YOUR CHILD thriving is at the heart of your homeschooling focus, right?

Here is FREE planning printable. I used it last weekend to help me identify our study focus for each month.
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I do care about you and your family, and it is important to me that you all THRIVE together.

Sending you many “Set up for Success” wishes,
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