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I wanted to put together a list of the BEST Evan-Moor products for homeschooling to help you choose the right curriculum for your family.

Evan-Moor is my go-to resource for homeschooling curriculum for 3 reasons:

  • High quality lessons that my kids and I enjoy
  • Affordability
  • Quick and purposeful practice that use multiple levels of brain engagement.

That is quite the rave, isn’t it?

If you have the similar priorities in your homeschoooling, then this list of the BEST Evan-Moor products for homeschool is just for you.

I have grouped these titles by subject, so you can find exactly what you need.

History Pockets Grades 1-6

Most homeschoolers will agree that Evan-Moor’s History Pockets are at the top of the list of the best Evan-Moor Products for History.

Hands-on learning activities are very popular, and History Pockets definitely brings history to life. The layout is easy to follow, and the kids enjoy the activities while learning about history.

History Pockets can easily be used in lapbooking or notebooking.

Here is a list of all eleven History Pockets available:

  • Ancient Civilizations
  • Ancient Egypt
  • Ancient Greece
  • Ancient Rome
  • Colonial America
  • Explorers of North America
  • Life in Plymouth Colony
  • Moving West
  • Native Americans
  • The American Civil War
  • The American Revolution

Daily Word Problems Grades 1-6

While knowing your math facts is important, I want to make sure my kids really understand how to use the math skills they are learning.

I try give my kids real-life examples to see if they can use the math skills they are learning. It helps us to both check for their understanding. However, it can be a lot of work to think of a real-life situation for each lesson for each of my kids.

Evan-Moor’s Daily Word Problems solves this problem.

The idea behind each book in Evan-Moor’s Practice series that is students will have a 5-10 minute review.

The books cover an entire grade level of math skills, so I know my kids are getting a wide range of skills review within each Daily Word Problem book.

Math Fundamentals Grades 1-6

Math Fundamentals from Evan-Moor has completely changed our math – and it two completely different ways!

First, one of my children is strong in math, so she is completing an entire grade level in about 3 months! We do the lesson page, and she is off to complete her practice pages.

One of my other children is not a fan of math, so we are taking things really slow with her. After we starting using Math Fundamentals, she said, “I like this math, Mommy! I feel like I can finally get it!”

The reason Math Fundamentals works so well for both types of learners is a combonation of the layout and the practice pages.

The Layout
The layout is clear and easy to follow (for both parents and kids – Hooray!).

Each unit begins a single-page that teaches the lesson. Evan-Moor calls this the Math Model page.

My child and I read this page together and discuss the lesson.

And then, there is a brilliant little question at the bottom that you want to ask your child.  It is a “Think about it,” question, and it checks to make sure your child really understands the lesson BEFORE they move to the practice pages.

Evan-Moor has really put a lot of thought into making sure the kids understand the concepts before they start practicing the skills.

The Practice Pages
Each unit offers 3-4 practice pages with just a few math problems per page. The goal is for the kids to really understand what they are doing with the numbers, not just memorizing to later forget.

The practice pages gently increase in difficulty until the last page, which is…. (you guessed it) – a real-life situation where they kids can apply the math concept.

My kids and I decided that the word problem at the end of each unit is like a test. It allows both of us to see if they really can use the math skills.

Language Fundamentals Grades 1-6

While I use Grammar Galaxy to introduce my kids to grammar skills, Evan-Moor’s Language Fundamentals offers more concrete practice of each isolated skill.

The layout has the lesson in a box at the top of each page, which I discuss with the kids before they ever pick up a pencil.

Once we are clear on the grammatical terms and understand how to use the concepts, they begin the practice page.

It is a great way to reinforce and practice the grammar skills they learned Grammar Galaxy.

Daily 6-Traits Writing Grades 1-8

Writing can be a struggle for a lot of homeschoolers, but we are keeping it very authentic in our homeschooling.

We do a lot of conversation journals and writing outside of school. My kids enjoy writing letters, stories, poems, songs, and lists as they got about daily life.  We have impromptu writing lessons quite often!

However, Daily 6-Traits Practice is a terrific resources for helping kids understand how to write as an author with a real audience in mind.

For us, Daily 6-Traits helps them understand that not everything they write is to be published and shared. When they do have something they want to share, then the lessons they learn help strengthen their author’s voice.

As with all of the Daily Practice series, these writing lessons can be done in 5-10 minutes.

We started using these series when my kids were comfortable writing and ready for some new ideas. For us, that typically starts about third grade.

Reading Comprehension Fundamentals Grades 1-6

Are you kids avid readers? Mine are, but they tend to read mostly one specific genre.

With Reading Comprehension Fundamentals, kids can read from a variety of reading selections. The comprehension questions are a quick way to make sure your kids really understand what she read.

Daily Higher Order Thinking Skills Grades 1-6

Since we deeply value thinking skills, we use several Evan-Moor books throughout the year to help keep our thinking skills sharp.

Another one of the BEST Evan-Moor products to use in your homeschooling is the Daily Practice series is the Daily Higher Order Thinking Skills.

Each daily activity can be completed in about 15 minutes and focuses on a variety of thinking skills.

Critical and Creative Thinking

My kids beg me to their Critical and Creative Thinking books. Each unit is a topic that kids enjoy while practicing those important thinking skills.

Interactive Learning Games

This upcoming school year, we are going to try Evan-Moor’s Interactive Learning Games for our learning apps.

I am especially excited to try the Brain Builders Science!

You can learn more here:


Evan-Moor has just released Homeschool Curriculum Bundles for grades 1-6!!

If you would like to an easy button for your homeschooling, THIS homeschool bundle is for you.

Seriously, it is no prep -except for the science experiments (which a still super easy to do!)

As with all Evan-Moor books, the options for EIGHT subjects include Evan-Moor books that you can use for:

*Warm-up or Review (like the fabulous Daily series books)
*Teach (using the Fundamentals series- fast and focused lessons)
*Practice and Extend (other Skills Sharpeners and other Evan-Moor series are included for to help your child build confidence)

Evan-Moor’s Homeschool Curriculum Bundles make our homeschooling focused, fun, and your lesson planning DONE for the year.

Have questions about using Evan-Moor in your homeschooling?

Post it below, and I will do my best to answer them for you!

Now, it’s YOUR turn

What Evan-Moor products would you add to this list?

Let me know in the comments!

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