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Last week, I gave my daughter Grammar Galaxy, a new curriculum disguised as storybook.|

Guess what happened? She read all 188 pages in 24 hours!

I didn’t tell her that it is a story-based curriculum for language arts. She just loved the story of Kirk, Ellen, and Luke saving the galaxy from the Gremlin, who is out to destroy the English language.

For the next 24 hours, I found Grammar Galaxy on the breakfast table and heard:
“Mommy, this is a really fun book, and I am learning some new things, too.”

Then, I found Grammar Galaxy on the couch and heard:
“Mommy, can I go read as soon as I am done with lunch?”
(This was immediately after we finished school for the day!)

Next, I saw her carrying Grammar Galaxy around the house and heard;
“This is a really good book! I like it.”

After that, Grammar Galaxy was on the night stand and I heard:
“Mommy, can I PLEASE stay up late to read Grammar Galaxy?”

And as soon as she finished the last page, she closed the book, smiled, and said:
“Is this a series? I want to read the next one!”
(Volume 2 was just released last week. Shhhhh…..we are starting it on Wednesday!)

Grammar Galaxy is a story-based language arts curriculum that is fast (short chapters), easy (no prep), and FUN! Kids just LOVE it!

Dr. Melanie Wilson wrote Grammar Galaxy in this format because she is a mom of 6 and a clinical psychologist! She understands how kids’ brains work AND how busy homeschool moms are. Grammar Galaxy is a win-win for both parents and kids!

Both Volume 1 and and newly released Volume 2 are available now. You can choose from printed or digital versions, too!

This will be such a fun way to teach vocabulary, grammar, reading comprehension, and writing into your homeschooling. It is also a great “bridge” activity to do this summer as well!

So far, there are 2 volumes of Grammar Galaxy:

Volume 1 is called Nebula
Volume 2 is called Protostar

Each Volume of Grammar Galaxy has:
1) a storybook (which my daughter couldn’t put down), and
2) a mission manual, which has kids do activities to help complete the mission to save the English language.

Personally, I like having a printed storybook and digital mission manual.

It is so fun to read to learn together! Join us and other homeschool families having fun and THRIVING!

Ready to guard Grammar Galaxy and the English language with us?
CLICK HERE for ordering information!





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