Once math skills have been introduced, the next step is to practice using those math skills. We know the saying, “Use it, or lose it,” right?

We all have been in a learning situation where we were taught something and quickly forgot it. Without practice, knowledge and skills can quickly go in one ear and out the other!

We want our kids to practice using the skills they learn for 3 main reasons:

  1. What math skills they use, they will remember.
  2. When they practice, kids will get better at doing the math skill (practice makes progress!).
  3. When they practice using math skills, kids will build math fluency.

What is math fluency?

Math fluency is being able to use those math skills both quickly and correctly.

If I asked you, “What is the answer to 2+2=?,” you instantly know the answer is 4. You practiced that math skill enough that you can remember how to use the math skill quickly and correctly.

You can download this Valentine’s Day themed Multiplication Worksheet HERE

(and the answer key is here).

Thank you to education.com for sharing this with our readers!

How do we build math fluency?

Building math fluency happens after your kids understand the math skill.

We need to make sure your child is ready for practice. You can do this in 2 quick ways:

  1. By observing your child while learning each skill, you can see if they “get it” or still need to some more instruction.
  2. You can have a quick conversation to check for understanding.

With either of these options, you can easily assess if your child is ready to move into practicing math skills to build math fluency.

Meaningful Practice

When your child practices math skills, it needs to be meaningful to your child for it to “stick” with them.

Practicing math skills with printbale worksheets is a simple way to build math fluency.

Parents and teachers like how quick and easy it is to prepare math practice with a worksheet.

Kids seem to enjoy worksheets that have a theme about something they enjoy.

This Valentine’s Day, give the treat of fun math practice with this themed worksheet from Education.com! Check out tons of other multiplication resources here.

Building Math Fluency Worksheets

If you use printed worksheets, there are several ways you can use the worksheets to build math fluency.

Here are some ways to make math worksheets into meaningful practice:

Cut the worksheet into strips and focus on completing 1 strip at a time.

Draw a square around the problems with answers that are even.

Draw a triangle around the problems with answers that are odd.

Set a timer and see how many problems can be competed in one minute. Print multiple copies to see if you can improve your score!

Another idea is to use colored markers in seasonal colors to write the answers.


Choose one of the problems to write a math story using the numbers in the problem.

You can download this Valentine’s Day themed Multiplication Worksheet HERE

(and the answer key is here).

Thank you to education.com for sharing it with our readers!

Building math fluency should be fun and way to build your child’s confidence! If your child struggles with the practice, it just needs means s/he needs to revisit the lesson.

How does your child practice math skills?

Let me know in the comments!