Are you ready to QUIT wasting $$$ on curriculum that is just “ok?”

Welcome to Choosing the Right Curriculum!

Many of us can fizzle out before we finish a curriculum.

Most homeschoolers buy at least some curriculum that doesn’t get used. Maybe you really liked the curriculum, but your kids didn’t. Maybe the prep requirement was too much. Maybe the curriculum just wasn’t as great as you thought it would be.

I totally get that.

Want a NEW freebie that saves you time and money? It shows the #1 factor in buying ONLY curriculum that will work for both you and your kids.

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Choosing the Right Curriculum is an ecourse to help you customize a rating system to choose the right curriculum that is right for your family!

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You can use this system to choose the right curriculum year after year with any subject or grade level.

Additional lessons included in the course are:



Lesson 2:

Three Types of Curriculum

Lesson 3:

Three Quick Ways to Rule Out

Curriculum that Won’t Work for Your Family

Lesson 4:

What makes a curriculum GREAT?

Lesson 5:

Five Factors that Influence Your Curriculum Choices

Lesson 6:

Your Rating System to find

the RIGHT Curriculum for Your family

Lesson 7:

BEWARE of THIS type of curriculum

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