What does it mean to “thrive” in your homeschooling?

At Thrive Homeschooling, we want your kids to thrive. We want them to love learning, enjoy making discoveries,

and keep learning about topics that are important to them.

How we help your kids thrive:

We pair familiar children’s books with specific thinking activities to engage your child’s brain.

Our leveled brain-based activities help your child remember what she learns – and extend into all areas of learning.

By connecting you with resources that match your child’s learning needs, we help your kids thrive!

What we believe:

  • Books are an essential part of learning and teaching thinking skills.
  • Children learn best with meaningful experiences and thoughtful connections.
  • Using brain-based learning activities help each child thrive in areas of strength or giftedness.
  • All children show areas of giftedness or strength.

Want lessons and activities in your hands today?

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I am a Gifted and Talented Specialist turned homeschooler.

As a teacher, I helped kids learn well beyond the basics.

As a homeschooling mom, we have fun learning together every single day.

I want my kids – your kids – ALL kids – to enjoy learning and truly thrive to reach their potential.

Showing kids how to use thinking skills in their learning is one of my favorite things to do!

Official Bio

Amy Michaels, M.S.E.  is a certified elementary teacher turned homeschool consultant. She worked as a first grade teacher and as a Gifted and Talented Specialist for 11 years.

Amy is passionate about helping families raise smart kids who enjoy learning.  Her work is often featured on multiple homeschool blogs, as well as, Evan-Moor’s blog, The Joy of Teaching.

Through working with over a thousand kids (and several of their parents), Amy has inspired many families thrive in the areas of reading and math.

Check out her courses both kids and their parents, or click here to get on the wait list for her book, Thinking Kids Thrive (coming June 2018).

Most of all, Amy wants parents to enjoy the time they have with their children.

Amy stays quite busy with homeschooling her own 3 kids and working as an educational consultant. However, she always finds time for snuggles with her family and chocolate (gluten-free, of course).

She may or not have started this site to give her a reason to read picture books again and again. These are just a FEW of her absolute favorites (well…. so far)!