Does your child ask to stay up late to read their grammar book?

Mine does (once we got Grammar Galaxy). I’m totally serious.

Grammar Galaxy made learning grammar come to life in our homeschooling, and I can hardly wait to tell you why!

In this post, I’ll cover….

  • What exactly Grammar Galaxy is
  • 5 reasons my kids beg to do Grammar Galaxy
  • What to you need to know before you order

Kids begging to do grammar lessons? It happens here. #truth

I casually gave my daughter this brand new curriculum disguised as storybook, and she read all 188 pages in 24 hours!

I didn’t tell her that Grammar Galaxy is a story-based curriculum for language arts. She just loved the story of Kirk, Ellen, and Luke saving the galaxy from the Gremlin, who is out to destroy the English language.

For the next 24 hours, I found Grammar Galaxy on the breakfast table and heard: “Mommy, this is a really fun book, and I am learning some new things, too.”

Then, I found Grammar Galaxy on the couch and heard: “Mommy, can I go read as soon as I am done with lunch?” (This was immediately after we finished school for the day!)

Next, I saw her carrying Grammar Galaxy around the house and heard; “This is a really good book! I like it.”

After that, Grammar Galaxy was on the night stand and I heard: “Mommy, can I PLEASE stay up late to read Grammar Galaxy?”

And as soon as she finished the last page, she closed the book, smiled, and said: “Is this a series? I want to read the next one!”

So…what exactly IS Grammar Galaxy?

Grammar Galaxy is a complete grammar curriculum presented in stories.  The main characters are Kirk, Ellen, and Luke, who are children in the English royal family.

In each chapter, the English family discovers something about the English language that is malfunctioning. For example, in one chapter the characters suddenly start speaking the opposite of what they mean to say (which is hilarious, by the way).

The English children figure out that the Gremlin is trying to destroy the English language. They research to discover what part of the English language is under attack (grammar lessons are here). The English children start fixing the English language with focus on the grammar lesson for that chapter.

Finally, the English children write a letter to your child (called the Guardian of Grammar Galaxy) to ask him/her to continue fixing some of the English language. These letters and mission assignments are in Missions Manuals for each volume of Grammar Galaxy.

Can grammar actually be…. fun??

I will be the first to admit that teaching grammar didn’t sound too exciting to me.

Grammar Galaxy has changed my mind – which doesn’t happen often! Just ask my husband! LOL

They had me with storybooks.

We love books at our house, so teaching through books is just part of life at our house.

Since Grammar Galaxy is presented in stories, it doesn’t “feel” like a curriculum. It feels like fun way to talk about the quirkiness of the English language!

Don’t take my word for it, here is why my kids like Grammar Galaxy.

5 reasons my kids beg to do Grammar Galaxy

#1 The lessons are part of the actual story.

My kids love to read. So, asking them to read an adventurous story that was captivating (without being scary) was an instant hit at our house.

They don’t even really realize the lessons they are learning when they read Grammar Galaxy until they do the missions (which I will talk about next).

#2 The assignment missions are part of the story.

The way Grammar Galaxy is written, the Royal English children ask the reader to fix part of the English language that has been affected by the mischievous Gremlin.

Each chapter gives the readers (called Guardians of Grammar Galaxy) a mission to help undo the work of the Gremlin.

After your child completes the assignments, she will find a follow-up letter from the English children along with the answer key for self-checking her work.

#3 The missions are short and focused.

Kids like to feel a sense of accomplishment. Knowing that they can complete an entire mission assignment in 15-20 minutes keeps them focused and feeling successful!

My kids have asked to work ahead of their assignments by reading another chapter and completing another mission.

#4 The stories are really good (and funny)!

These stories have developed characters, a meaningful plot, and interesting problems that kids can relate to solving.

As I said, my daughter reads them as storybooks outside of school time!

#5 The assignment missions connect to other books they have read.

In the mission manual, the assignments ask your child to take what s/he has learned in the chapter of the story book and think about how it applies to other books your child has read.

Grammar Galaxy even goes beyond its own story! The missions often ask kids to think about other classic books they have read to connect the grammar skill in another way! Take note, Charlotte Mason fans, the classics are celebrated in Grammar Galaxy.

Grammar-Galaxy is kid-approved… even for older kids!

My kids truly enjoy Grammar Galaxy. They look forward to reading each story and completing their next mission.

Grammar doesn’t have to be dull and boring! Grammar Galaxy can bring fun and enjoyment into your homeschooling.

While the story format appeals to younger kids, don’t let it fool you into thinking Grammar Galaxy is a primary grade curriculum.

The assignments in each Mission Manual are preparing your child for mastery of grammar concepts, which extends through high school.

Grammar Galaxy can be used by anyone who want to enjoy learning grammar of the English language.

What You Need to Know about Grammar Galaxy:

  • The story-based curriculum teaches the grammar concepts in simple and fun ways.
  • The Mission Manuals are the missions (assignments) that tie to each chapter of the storybook.
  • At the time of this post, there are 3 available volumes of Grammar Galaxy:
    • Volume 1: Nebula
    • Volume 2: Protostar
    • Volume 3: Yellow Star
  • When you order, you will want to get the book AND mission manual for each level you want to use.
  • Grammar Galaxy is available in print or digital form.

I only recommend a handful of curriculum options (I am super picky, y’all), so I am a proud affiliate of Grammar Galaxy.

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