If you could just… save time, energy, money, and reduce your stress, and STILL have a great quality school year, would you?

Use the Homeschool Hotline!

You can:
• Learn at least 3 teaching ideas based on your child’s individual learning style and needs
• Gain insight about how to get your child interested in “boring” or “hard” subjects
• Discover specific smart resources for teaching for your family
• Reduce your stress (if you are OK with that)

Schedule with any of one of our team:
Amy – Certified Teacher, Gifted Educational Specialist and homeschooler
Brandi – Certified Teacher, Special Education Educator
Kris – Autism and Behavioral Specialist

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How this works:
Simply complete your payment to secure your place with Amy, Brandi, or Kris.

Within 24 hours, we will email you to schedule your consultation.

You bring your greatest challenges, and together we will create a magic plan in less than an hour.

Ready? Let’s set your family up for success!

PLEASE NOTE: As busy moms, please note that we have a limited number of spaces each month.


        • Do you offer consultations often? No, we open up for consultations at certain times of the year and when our schedule allows for it.
        • Will you plan curriculum or lesson plans in this hour? This is your consultation. We will work with you on your biggest homeschooling needs. In 45 minutes, we can work on a lesson plan or two. If you are looking for more in-depth curriculum or lesson planning service, please email me.
        • How many issues will you address in our consultation? That depends on how long we discuss each one. We will address as many as we can during our time together. It helps if you prioritize your needs before we chat.
        • Can I share this time with another family? Absolutely! The payment and email must be assigned to one responsible party. However, if another homeschooling parent wants to split the time and cost with you, that works!
        • What if I need to reschedule? Life happens. Kids happen. We get that! We are happy to reschedule if needed. Please be aware that we have limited spaces available, so rescheduling may involving waiting for the next space to open.